The Imperial Eggs

The celebrated series of Imperial Eggs was created for the Russian Imperial Family from 1885 to 1916 under the management of Russian goldsmith, Peter Carl Fabergé, in Saint Petersburg.

Nowadays, the amazing and legendary works of Imperial Eggs are even more famous than a century ago, when they were created. Faberge Imperial Egg replicas are beloved by many because of their connection to both art and Russian history and considered to be the symbols of love and faithfulness.

Inspired by the Russian Imperial Egg designs, a new line of close replicas is created using alloy of non-ferrous metals, high-polished Guilloche enamel, manually decorated with high quality sparkling rhinestones/crystals, artificial pearls, and other variations.

A metal alloy that is durable and environmentally friendly. The casting of the eggs is carried out using the ancient "lost wax" method. The main background of the eggs is applied, and the details are decorated by hand with cold, coloured enamel. The enamel retains its colour and gloss for many decades.

The egg in the style of the famous Faberge eggs is an ideal gift for many occasions. Such a trinket jewel box is convenient to store jewelry and small memorabilia in it.

The modern Russian replica enamelled Faberge eggs do not require special care. It is enough to wipe with a damp soft cloth from dust. No need to wash them in water. If the rhinestones fade over time, it is enough to wipe them with a glass cleaner.

Whether they are for holiday ornaments or as personal collectibles, these decorative eggs are a must-have.