About Syrin

The ideology behind our name focuses on symbolism of eternal joy and creative inspiration. Syrin is a mythical creature of Slavic legends, with a head of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. She sings beautiful songs, foretelling future bliss, and inspires artists to create their masterpieces. It is believed that only happy people could hear Syrin, while only very few could actually see her. She is as fast and difficult to catch as human happiness.

Syrin, the bird of Paradise

Brief History

Our company has enjoyed bringing authentic Eastern European gifts to customers around the world for over thirty years. We have been a part of Holiday Christmas markets, operating under different names in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Working with countless artists and carvers, primarily from Ukraine and Russia, we meticulously hand pick items to be part of our annual curated collection. Particularly in North America, we have built a life-long relationship with our customers, and have been delighted to continue bringing our unique selections to the markets each and every year.

We have prided ourselves in being able to cater to our customers face to face, personalizing each experience and preserving the traditional way of celebrating the holidays. However, the year 2020 and the hit of Covid-19 pandemic has been revolutionizing the world and the way we conduct person-to-person business. It is inevitable that our company needs to adjust to the current state of our world, thus creating a website where we can continue diligently working on supplying our customers with craftsmanship we have always provided. Our website will enable customers to order all year round, ensuring that you will not miss an opportunity to purchase an item from us for years to come.

We hope that this new way of sharing our unique items will continue to make each and everyone of you happy for the holidays and the rest of the year.